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Review of Bossy Boots by Brunch Addict

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Mr LB:
“Brunch is six letter word, taken off by the hungry mouths of young and old who don’t conform to the traditional breakfast and lunch division. The modern cafe scene has for some time been a viable alternative to the long and tiresome dinner service hours that many chefs and cooks endure. Cafes offers the ability to work hard during the day, clean and close at around five and leaving the rest of the day and night to socialise or relax – kissing goodbye those regular wee hour finishes.

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For the owners of Bossy Boots, Ben Forehan and Rachael Browne, the transition to the cafe scene was exceptionally attractive. The duo met and worked together as chefs, who both strongly shared the idea of one day opening a cafe and food store business in Melbourne. As they spit-balled ideas of food offerings and vision, they discussed the name of their to-be restaurant when they were working on a super yacht called ‘Bossy Boots’. After a few glasses of red in the picturesque Alaskan summer, it was decided that Bossy Boots would be the perfect name for a cafe – a strong fit for a Brighton location!

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One very attractive element of Bossy Boots is its location. Away from the busy boutique stores and chains of Church Street, the Bay Street location creates an authentic Melbourne brunch vibe. The space caters for alfresco and indoor dinning with a calm aesthetic. The indoor space has carefully positioned paintings and funky wallpaper that transform the cafe into a modern decor. Following with the alluring court yard, there is no bad seat at Bossy Boots.

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Coffee here is by Coffee Supreme and my long black [$3.50] was surprising smooth with only hints of bitterness. It was at the perfect temperature and matched well with the current brunch special; Corn Fritters with crispy bacon, smashed avocado and sour cream [$18.50].

CornFritters zpsaikpexpy

Corn Fritters with crispy bacon, smashed avocado and sour cream



Spring and summer is the perfect climate to consume corn fritters. And while I’ll admit to gravitating to corn fritters on more occasions than I should, these fritters were outstanding. The two fritters were exceptionally soft, thick and fluffy. Combined with the refined smashed avocado and sour cream it had perfectly complemented the fritters. With very generous pieces of short cut bacon placed around the plate, there was no need for a poached egg. These corn fritters are prime examples of what exceptional fritters should look like, taste like and be arranged – stunning!

I personally don’t like the Brighton bubble, but I can certainly make an exception. Bossy Boots is a cafe gem that offers high quality food and desserts that other suburbs can only dream of having. With its calm and pleasant decor to its offering of high quality takeaway dinners, Bossy Boots is a cafe with strong community roots and matched with a commitment of providing a strong brunch experience.”

Miss SL:
Bossy Boots is one of those cafes who’s reputation proceeds itself as a suburban institute for food and coffee. Back when Mr LB and I kicked off Brunch Addict way back in 2012, we were inundated with foodie recommendations. One of our first ever twitter-based blogger friends @jaimcml recommended Bossy Boots as a must-try; as did a number of other bloggers in the months to come. Alas, we never made it down to visit this fine establishment until we were invited by The World Loves Melbourne (who recently made a move into the PR world) to check it out.

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Lucky for me, Bossy Boots is on my end of town and quite close to where I live, so I was all up for checking it out. I had been once before when I first moved into the area and knew that it had an outdoor dining area so, with pooch in hand, I made my way down on a sunny Sunday morning. What I remembered most about my first visit was how delicious all the sweets looked and the incredible array of take-home food options that were available, which I later learnt is what they are famous for. The venue is owned by duo Ben Forehan and Rachael Browne, who were classically trained to cook Paris and spent 10 years cooking on ‘super-yachts’ for the rich and famous. I’m talking Cindy Crawford, Mel Gibson, Mike Tyson, and Paris Hilton. They even cooked at Pamela Anderson’s wedding to Kid Rock back in the day. Wowser!


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At the venue, there are approximately four outdoor tables on the nature strip, and a number of indoor dining options. The cafe was buzzing and we were lucky to get the last available outdoor table. It was hot and the staff were super friendly and popped up the outdoor umbrella so we didn’t fry outside. We ordered our coffees straight away and they were promptly served within a five minutes time frame. How efficient! I’m used to Coffee Supreme coffee blends that have a bitterness to them, and so I was surprised at how unusually fruity and acidic it was. There was a very mild bitter undertone, but it did not hinder the flavours in the blend.

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The menu at Bossy Boots is to the point. It doesn’t try to be new and cutting edge, but rather homely and no fuss. The lovely gentleman who was serving us stepped through the specials for the day, and I was immediately drawn to the Dukka eggs – two poached eggs with smashed smashed roasted sweet potato, spinach, hummus topped with feta [$17.50]. What I really liked about the venue was the service; the staff didn’t leave you waiting for extended periods of time unnecessarily, they were friendly, talkative but not overly chatty and always had a smile on their face.

DukkaEggs zpseim7ixm0

Dukka eggs – two poached eggs with smashed smashed roasted sweet potato, spinach, hummus topped with feta

My main was delicious but a little less Middle-Eastern than I was expecting. I loved the crunchiness of the multigrain toast that my meal was stacked on top – it was crunchy and had just the right amount of density to it. The sweet potato looked like it had been sliced and roasted rather than being smashed and roasted, but it was delicious and nicely matched with the full flavours of the hummus. The dukka was not typical, and had more of a sesame base rather than a crushed almond / cumin component, making for a milder topping.  Overall I found the dish wholesome, filling and satisfying.
FlourlessCake zps3mn3uetw
For brunch-dessert, we opted for the Flourless lemon cake served with marscapone cream [$7.50]. The price point seemed a bit high, but the portion size was generous and definitely made for two. The icing included bits of lemon zest and was incredibly sweet. The mascarpone cream that came with the cake was beautiful and was a nice match to the cake, which was rich and moist.
Bossy Boots is an institute of Brighton, and for good reason. The service is excellent, the vibe is laid back and the food is wholesome and satisfying.”
Final thought: “Great for a coffee, cake and takeaway of course!”